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Friendly Doctor (FD) is a fully fledged medical software solution that can be accessed from any where, any time using any device. Just get rid of your overhead, let FD to automate your medical practice with confident.


With reducing 100% internal paper work and extra human effort. FD can simply save your time, cost and resource usage. Not like other systems FD fully optimized to inline with health care activities.


All the medical data and sales data are fully protected with Spera Security Protocol. Each and every sensitive data and information securely stored and handled by Speralabs and it comes with our responsibility.

How it works

Friendly Doctor born in 2011 as a private healthcare centre automation software. With almost a decade of experience, today we have AI powered Friendly Doctor. Lets have a brief look at it

Of patients data
Doctors with the satisfaction
New doctors per a data

Features and Capabilities

Explaining a huge process is a complicated task but mentioning this point is crucial. However complex the application is, the speralabs engineers have ensured to make its usage as simple and convenient as possible to its end users. For example, it is as simple as searching something on Google.

Patient Records

You can have total patient profile which include all important parameters like prescriptions, medical recodes, lab-reports, investigations, allergies, surgical histories and many more...

Medical Centre

With the capability of making unlimited user roles you can easily make unlimited dispenser roles as you wish. You can give them permissions for issuing prescriptions drugs, pharmacy sales, lab-reports collecting, patient queuing and many more...

Unlimited Customizations

As we all know healing patients is a huge task for a any kind of doctor. There are so many things to consider before giving them the treatment. A huge data set will impact your valuable time. If it is well organized and well customizable you don't need to worry about your time and even about the treatment you proceed